Senior Recognition Night 2020

Senior Night

Friday, November 20, 2020

LHS Vikings vs. AHS Colts


Hi Senior Parents: as I’m sure you’ve anticipated, Senior Night will look a little different this year with the COVID pandemic.  The great news is it’s a go to walk out onto the field with your Viking Senior before kick-off on the 20th.  Please arrive at 6:15p.m., at South gate of home stands, to have everyone lined up and ready to be announced at 6:30p.m.  Your athlete will be allowed up to two members from your family, living in the same household, to escort your athlete.

Now let’s celebrate these Senior Vikings a little more.

  • Senior Viking Banner – at Homecoming hopefully you were able to catch a look at your athlete’s poster that was hanging on the North fence as you entered. These will also be hung during Senior Night at the South end of the home stands, along with the Viking inflatable, and “SENIORS” light up letters.  These banners are a gift from The Viking Club to the athletes and will be given to your Senior at the TBD End-of-Season celebration.
  • Senior Memory Board – a tradition for Senior Night is for each family to gather photos and memorabilia for a memory board. These are then used at the Senior Celebration and hung during the football game.  Since we can’t gather in person this year we would like to continue this tradition but in a digital format and will also be used for Viking Football social post on the 20th.
    • See below for examples and you can either put together a physical board and snap a photo or another resource is with Collage Posters (again, snap a screenshot of the poster you create.
    • Please email an image of your creation to
  • Baby Pictures – another tradition has been displaying the athlete’s baby pictures on the Jumbotron. However, with the celebration being on an actual game night this year the coaches won’t be able to staff the booth to make this happen.  Consider adding a baby picture to the memory board.  We are working on a Plan B to make this happen so go ahead and dig out those baby pictures from 2002.
  • Senior Goody Bags – we’ll be assembling goody bags for every Senior to give the athlete on the 20th. This year more than ever we need our Viking family and friends to donate individually wrapped treats, trinkets, gift cards, etc.  We have 28 athletes, 1 manager, and 2 trainers.  Please consider donating to the goody bags, and to drop off items contact Tena Griffith, 817-939-7286 by text.

Thanks to everyone for your support of The Viking Club!